Thursday, March 22, 2018  
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Kenly News

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Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Michael JohnsonSubmitted: 4/22/2015
I see once again The Kenly News has printed another personal attack on citizens by the local Mayor. I would think our local paper would rather print something concerning the town itself other than some petty view an elected town official has about his bruised private feelings. When did this newspaper become a gossip rag? Mr. Stewart I know all of these men involved with article and they seem like really nice gentlemen and I really do not understand the logic in printing this article as it brings your paper down a level from its usually well printed content. Maybe in the future we could only print news worthy letters from our elected officials

(Editor's note: Thank you for your comment. The problem is that what's "news worthy" to you might not be news worthy to someone else. So, is the solution to print no letters? We think not. We strongly believe in a free press and free speech. When the editor or anyone else starts eliminating letters because we think someone mig

Submitted By: Mary DeyounksSubmitted: 2/3/2016
That is so true. Everyone has an opinion and has a right to say so. Yet, there are so many issues in today's society that our opinions never matter. It is what they majority says. At the end of the the it is still news. Liked or not. Great response editor! keep up the news. It is your job and it pays the bills. Keep moving forward.

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